Sue Nairne - Just For Fun Dance The Dance Company

Thank you SO much for all your work with the girls over the last 10 weeks, I really LOVE the piece and your professionalism and love for Flamenco has really rubbed off on the girls. I'm also so appreciative of your organising of the musicians. Many thanks Veronica - you have been BRILLIANT, I'm so grateful. (2017)

Angela Stebbing (Restaurateur)

Thank you Veronica for the 15 years of classes that I have had with you. ... how lucky we are to have had such a passionate advocate of flamenco in Adelaide and how we have all grown and developed our understanding of this wonderful art "Flamenco". Thank you and "Ole".

Danielle Makras (GP)

I have studied Flamenco and Spanish dance with Veronica for over 15 years. What really stands out for me is her sensitivity and understanding of the importance of the cante (song); this is reflected in the way dancers who study with her, gain confidence when dancing with a singer. I would highly recommend Veronica Vargas as a teacher to any one who wishes to learn flamenco.

Marsha Weston, singing Teacher and Counsellor

Veronica Vargas has been my Flamenco teacher for 20 years now years now. Veronica is a wonderful dancer and her earthy and fiery style, so true to real Flamenco Spirit, always moves and inspires me. Veronica's extensive knowledge and deep understanding of Flamenco as an Art Form and her experience of Flamenco in Spain makes her an excellent teacher. She has a very solid approach to dance technique and expression and also focuses on working with singing and guitar.

Victoria Argent, mother of three and business owner

I have been attending classes with Veronica Vargas since I was eleven (for about 18 years now) and I have never been tempted to go anywhere else. Her classes are fun, interesting and a great work out. Her passion for the art form is contagious and you can't help but make Flamenco a permanent part of your life.

Michaela Nelson, Teacher and Dancer

Thanks to Veronica and Triana Flamenco, flamenco dance and music has become a huge part of my life - a part that I will always treasure! In the fifteen years plus that I have danced with Veronica, she has shared with me and all her students, her passion for flamenco and her depth of knowledge of the art form. Veronica gives her students an excellent understanding of all the different elements of flamenco dance and music, from footwork to palmas, castanets, jaleo, bata de cola and more, which is what made me choose to study with her school many years ago.

Giovanina de Maria - Teacher and Dancer

I started dancing flamenco in my early 30s, and have been dancing with Veronica's studio for several years. Veronica is always supportive, particularly when it comes to giving things a go - it's always a bit scary to do your first bulerias fiesta with live singing but Veronica's consistently encouraging approach means that I have slowly acquired the confidence to improvise... and now really look forward to these occasions! Flamenco is the kind of thing that slowly takes over your life in the most delightful way... you start with a few classes, and before you know it, you've got a great group of friends and sharing lots of wonderful experiences (including getting ridiculously excited about buying dresses and shoes!). I highly recommend flamenco as an art form, for exercise, for socialising - you won't regret giving it a go. Olé!