Veronica Vargas

VERONICA VARGAS FLAMENCO – authentic flamenco at its best, performs, promotes and produces flamenco productions.

Bold, colourful and exciting – this is South Australia’s No. 1 Spanish Dance Company providing professional, live, authentic entertainment for all functions.

Originally formed to give dancers an opportunity to explore the wonderful variety and depth of Flamenco and Spanish Dance, the Company presents its public with a memorable, theatrical experience of Flamenco and Spanish dance as an elevated and complete art form.

Consisting of a spectacular array of musicians, and dancers, the Company boasts Australia’s only Spanish Gypsy Flamenco Singer, el Titi de Algeciras. The size of the Company can be tailored to suit all needs.

VERONICA VARGAS- Choreographer, Principal Dancer and Artistic Director is a pioneer of flamenco in Adelaide. To advance flamenco and learn as much as she could to bring back to Adelaide, she lived and worked in Madrid and Seville, Spain – more particularly in the suburb of Triana, Seville, where influenced by her life there, named her dance Studio after this legendary district.

Described as the “face of Spanish Dance in Adelaide” Ms Vargas has a long list of critically acclaimed Australian performances which have included Principal Dancer with “Los Flamencos”, “Flamenco Aire”, Perth’s “Danza Viva”, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, performed with Melbourne’s Johnny and Ricardo Tedesco and in particular with international flamenco singer, Spanish Gypsy SalvadorFlores – “el Titi de Algeciras”.

The formidable combination el Titi and Ms Varga with the many years training in Spain, establishes Ms Varga as one of the most experienced dancers and teachers in Australia today, offering students and public the latest in flamenco together with the tradition and authenticity learnt from her gypsy connections.

With a list of performances too numerous to list, her major performances have included, working with world famous guitarist CARLOS MONTOYA, WOMAdelaide, the Adelaide Festival of Arts, Barossa Music Festival and television, film and radio appearances.

Since settling in Adelaide in 1995 to share her deep knowledge of flamenco dance, Veronica Vargas has numerous theatrical and cabaret performances to her credit. Her successes include producing, choreographing and starring in the Festival Centre production of ‘SENDERO FLAMENCO’; and Adelaide Festival Fringe productions of ‘EL FRIGO’ and ‘LOLA’ (the latter in conjunction with Mari Olivares), and BOLERO FLAMENCO where she stunned audiences with the Company’s interpretation of Ravel’s famous work. After seeing the Bolero production,tThe Adelaide Festival Centre contracted the Company to perform PASION FLAMENCA in their Summer “Big Backyard Festival”.

A powerful and exciting dancer, Veronica Vargas has trained with countless dance teachers in Madrid and Seville as well as in Australia including:

Madrid: el Guito; Merche Esmerelda, Paco Fernandez; Ciro; Belen Fernandez; Belen Maya; Seville: Manolo Marin; La Tona’, Juana Amaya; Jose’ Galvan and Bettina – La Castano. Australia: Rafael Vargas, Antonio Vargas; Diana Reyes; Veronica Gilmer; Ana Romero and Ana Otero.

Veronica Vargas
Veronica and (the late) Rafael Vargas
Veronica Vargas as LOLA
Los Flamencos
At the Premier's Olympic Dinner
Premier's Olympic Dinner
Veronica Vargas
Letter from Adelaide Fringe Founder, Frank Ford AM about Lola.
Veronica Vargas as Lola Montez
Promo clip of Bolero Flamenco