Triana Flamenco ESTABLISHED 1995

With Rafael Montilla and Angel Muñoz from Paco Peña's Company
With Belen Fernandez during her workshops at the Triana Studio
Manuel Betanzos (third from the left) in 1989 at Manolo Marin's studio Seville
Student Jessica in performance
Dancer Sue Dunn
Dancer Veronica Vargas
Triana dancer Danielle Makras
Triana dancer Victoria Castillo
Michaela Nelson, Triana dancer and teacher
Veronica Vargas Flamenco Company Dancers
Workshops with Sebastian Sanchez
Veronica Vargas Flamenco Company Dancers
Triana students performing at the Spanish Festival
Triana dancers por Sevillanas
Veronica Vargas Dance Flamenco Company Dancers
With the Paco Peña Company
Triana dancers
Titi with guitarist Jose Giraldo
With Noche Flamenca company in Adelaide
Titi with cousins Pedro Montoya (singer) and Cristobel Reyes (dancer)
With members of the National Ballet of Spain in Adelaide
Giovanina de Maria - Triana dancer and teacher in Viva Triana
Triana dancers in Fiesta Flamenco show
With Juana Maya and singer Manuel de Paula from Mario Maya's company
Triana Dancers in Fiesta Flamenca show
Titi in rehearsals in Perth
Viva Triana show
After a performance
After a Performance
Marsha Weston in Triana Viva
Triana dancers performing
Las Flamenquitas in performance
Titi with guitarist Paco Lara
Classes with Juana Maya in Sevilla

Performing at the Nexus

Workshops with Ana Otero in the Triana Studio