Triana Studio

TRIANA is the name of the famous gypsy district of Seville in the south of Spain – and the home of the legendary “Carmen”. It is South Australia's longest running and most experienced Studio teaching Spanish and Flamenco Dance.

VERONICA VARGAS – Director has over 25 years of national performing and teaching experience and is considered a pioneer in the promotion of flamenco dance in Adelaide.

Flamenco dance has been an obsession with Triana’s founder, Veronica Vargas for most of her life and through the Studio, she passes on the huge array of skills and artistry that she has accumulated over the years. Her experience covers many years living and studying in Seville, Spain.

Founded in 1995 in Adelaide CBD, the Studio believes in maintaining the tradition by specialising in authentic Flamenco Dance which greatly enhances rhythm, posture and style. The Triana Flamenco Dance School is South Australia's longest and most experienced flamenco dance school.

The philosophy of the Studio is to provide high quality and caring dance tuition and to foster an understanding of love of Flamenco and Spanish dance to its students.

For gifted students, they have the opportunity to audition and train with national professional dance companies and to perform in the Triana Flamenco Dance Group.

For those that do it just for love and enjoyment, there is the opportunity to participate in Spanish community festivities and small performances.

Las Flamenquitas
Triana students at a performance
Triana Group performing
Triana Viva show

Victoria Castillo por Farruca with singer el Titi de Algeciras

Michaela Nelson por Seguirilla